Pen & Ink: Zach Kerr

There is nothing more permanent than a tattoo. It’s something you carry with you, wherever you go, for the rest of your life.




For Zach Kerr, that reason is why he got one of his tattoos. To forever hold his father with him.

“My father passed away when I was young and this is one of the only things we really have left,” says Kerr. “It was my sister’s idea to get his signature tattooed on us.”


His mom was the inspiration for one of his first tattoos. His left arm has an image of an eye with the words “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” wrapped around it.

“This is one of the first tattoos I ever got. I got it like 7 years ago,” explains Kerr. “It’s a little quote my mom always used to say to me.”


Just as family impacted Kerr’s life, so did the area in which he grew up. On his left arm is the DC skyline.

“That’s where I’m originally from. I was born in Virginia, but raised in DC. All my tattoos are pretty much my journeys I’ve been on in life.”


His other arm has a reference to DC as well. Those from the area, or familiar with baseball, will recognize the “W” in his initials. It’s the Washington Nationals logo. Another subtle hint to the town he was raised in.


The back of his bicep also speaks to the journey Kerr has been on.

“It’s the transition from where I started at to where I finished at,” shares Kerr.

The three logos are for his high school (Quince Orchard) and his two colleges (Maryland and Delaware).

While the majority of Kerr’s tattoos are on his arm, he does have the NFL shield on his calf. The next step on his journey…