Colts Cheerleaders in Mexico: Day Six

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Early Monday morning, the cheerleaders and crew took a bus in route to the beautiful Xel-ha park. They were greeted by the park’s wonderful staff and commenced to getting ready for day six of shooting. After trekking through the jungle with staff, they stumbled upon their first location, which housed numerous turtle holes.

Brittany E. (Four year veteran) was up first to shoot and even though the thunderstorms rolled in, this girl wasn’t afraid to get her hair wet. She fearlessly posed beside an empty turtle hole and played around in the sand wearing a pastel bikini.

brittanyAudrey was next to join the fun as she went from the turtle holes to the shore where she posed in a multicolored patterned bikini. The rookie was a natural as she rolled around in the sand and struck some fun poses flaunting her lean body and long brunette hair.

audreyThe girls were having so much fun that it only made sense for Cassia (four year veteran) to join them on the beach. The natural surroundings made her orange and white crocheted bikini pop as she posed alongside coconut trees. The trees didn’t help shield her any from the rain as an intense thunderstorm rolled into Rivera Maya.

cassiaThe crew and cheerleaders packed up their belongings and moved to the Iberostar Resort to finish their shoot. It’s obvious a little bit of rain and thunder was not stopping anyone.

Allie, five year veteran, slipped on her cowgirl boots and proceeded to shoot against the rocks alongside the resort’s beach. The gorgeous blonde strutted in a leather pink, brown and blue bikini. She must have rock climbing experience because she tackled that rocky shore like a pro!

allieThe staff and crew met Cristina (four year veteran) on another bed of rocks where she was posing in her gorgeous pineapple printed bikini. This tasteful bikini looked amazing on this curly haired cheerleader as she took pictures up against the powerful waves on the beach. The sun set on Cristina’s shoot and thus ended another successful day of shooting.

cristinaBe sure to check out Tyler Mason Salon and Spa as they did an excellent job keeping the ladies hair and makeup perfect through all weather conditions. You can see more behind the scene photos at

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