20 Things You Didn’t Know About Jerrell Freeman

1) Where were you born? Waco, Texas.

2) What family member do you most take after? I’ll say my mom.

3) Do you have any pets? No.

4) Do you have any phobias? Spiders.

5) What’s your favorite food? Papa John’s.


6) What’s your guilty pleasure? We’ll just go with Papa John’s again (laughs).

7) What makes you laugh? I’m a goofy guy. It could be any little thing that I find humor in.

8) Do you have any superstitions? Yeah, but you can’t print them though.

9) What’s your secret talent? I can sing.

10) What’s your pet peeve? Tucked sheets. Like when you’re in a hotel room.


11) What’s your must see TV? Empire.

12) Who’s your idol? My father (without hesitation).

13) What’s one thing on your bucket list? Take my whole family on a vacation.

14) What’s one thing you can’t leave home without? My phone.

15) What are you really bad at? Being patient.


16) Who’s your funniest teammate? Pat McAfee.

17) Who’s your loudest teammate? Erik Walden.

18) Who’s your smartest teammate? You would have to go with Andrew Luck.

19) Who’s your most stylish teammate? Vontae Davis (with an honorable mention to Darius Butler).

20) Do you have a bold prediction for the 2015 season? Pat McAfee hits a 60-plus yarder.