Blue Ladies Gear Up for Training Camp

Training camp is still a few weeks away and the new season doesn’t kick off until September. So, what were the Blue Ladies doing at the Colts Pro Shop at Lucas Oil Stadium this week? Planning their fall wardrobes, of course.

The new pro shop, operated by Lids, hosted an open house for members of the Colts female fan club on Thursday night. Over drinks and appetizers, the ladies gathered to see the newly remodeled store, shop the new merchandise, and preview the fall line with an exclusive fashion show featuring clothing and accessories by Nike, Honora, Pandora, and others.


“It’s a nice preview,” said Lisa Norton. “They gave us some nice tips for this season. The stripes on the shirts match the helmets. So, I learned some things that I wouldn’t have noticed on my own.”

And seeing as football season covers many seasons for Colts fans, it takes a little extra planning. And shopping.


“We have to be properly outfitted, home and away, as we travel to at least five away games,” said Kristi Shaffer. “We have to be ready summer season, fall season, winter season, and it takes different attire, it takes a different wardrobe for everywhere we travel. We represent not just our team, but our favorite players and I cannot say there is one player we wouldn’t want to represent out there.”

There were also drawings for prizes, some of them sparkly.


One of those winners was Missy Conner. “We like the bling and the sparkle. I was hoping to see a little bit more of that,” she said. “When you win things, it’s even better to be all done up in wonderfulness. But, anything blue and white is in my wardrobe.”

Make no mistake. These ladies love their female fan wear. But more than anything, they love football. Shaffer says they may be all dolled up, but these women are real fans.

“It’s not about meeting players and ‘Oh, sign my shirt. Sign my hat.’ Us women in the Blue Ladies, we know football. We have a passion for football. We know what we’re talking about. We care about the sport. We cheer louder than our husbands on and off the field. They do ask us to be quiet,” she laughs. “We know what player plays what position. What his job is on the field. And seeing that we have a lot of knowledge, we can cheer, we can also critique in a loving way. Because we do, we love them. It’s like family.”

It was a great evening for this family of female football fans to anticipate and celebrate the eventual arrival of their favorite season – Colts season!

“Getting with all the women who just show the passion for football and for the Colts, coming together as one as a fan base, to support our men who come together as one on the football field,” Conner said.

One team. One family. One dream.


And one official female fan club.

The Blue Ladies are ready for training camp!

Are you?

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