Something Blue: Peek Inside a Colts Cheerleader’s Special Day

What happens when a Colts cheerleader gets married? Well, it depends on the cheerleader. But for Erin B., who grew up a Colts fan in Indiana, is a captain of the squad, and now in her sixth season as a Sweetheart of the Horseshoe, it turns into a mini Colts cheer reunion.

“I mean, each year we’ve had 28 to 35 girls on the team…so it was hard to figure out who to invite and I pretty much invited almost everybody that I’ve cheered with, just because I’ve spent so much time with them over the past six years that I’ve become good friends with them.”

And the bride wore horseshoes

Knowing she was going to have an entire cheer squad (and then some) in attendance, Erin came up with an idea.

“The song ‘Push It,’ it’s from last year, it was one of my favorite dances all season. I went to my teammates. I was like, ‘Let’s just do it. I think it’d be fun.’”

The idea was to surprise everyone (including her husband, Rob) with a dance during the reception. But the surprise was on them when they shared the video and watched it blow up.

“I thought Colts fans would (tweet it) and people would retweet it, and I knew Plan The Day was going to post it on their Facebook…but I did not think that all these gossip sites and news stations would pick it up.”

Erin says she knew they had hit viral status when it made its way across the pond.

“So, we were on Inside Edition, which is kind of crazy. But before that, we were on the Daily Mail in the U.K. And to realize it went all the way over to the U.K. was kind of crazy. We’re NFL cheerleaders here in America. I never would have thought that. We were a couple of articles down from the royal family.”

What started out as a fun surprise for their wedding guests turned into great publicity for the Colts cheerleaders.


“I’ve seen weddings do flash mobs where everybody does that. But I think having a whole group of actual NFL cheerleaders do a whole routine. And then the bride doing it in her wedding dress, I think that was kind of unique. It was the first time I’ve seen actual professional cheerleaders go viral with a dance video from a wedding.”

But that wasn’t the only surprise of the day.

Erin and Rob took the wedding party to Lucas Oil Stadium, where they thought they were taking pictures outside on the steps.


“So, then we drove up and we were getting off the bus and everybody is like, ‘Oh, where are we going?’ I was like, ‘Oh, we’re actually going inside. On the field,’” she laughs.

At least Rob knows who’s making the calls now

“And pretty much all of our wedding party are huge Colts fans. So, I think they were just blown away by the fact that we were taking pictures on the field, on the big helmet, in the center of the field. It was so much fun.”

Erin and her Colts cheer sisters
Erin and her Colts cheer sisters

Congratulations, Erin and Rob!

May the horseshoe bring you a future blessed with love, luck, and many Super Bowls.


Photos courtesy of: Dixon Digital Photography