Anthony Castonzo is a Big Guy With a Little Dog

Some guys are big dog guys.

Tackle Anthony Castonzo, one of the biggest guys in the Colts locker room, is a small dog guy.

In fact, he’s never owned a big dog. Growing up, his family had a Bichon/Poodle mix. And now, he has Charles.

“I guess you have to be comfortable with yourself. Small dogs are awesome. They can sit in your lap while you watch TV. Charles and I take naps together.”

Charles found a home with Castonzo and his girlfriend, Dominique, two years ago.

“His full name is Charles the Dog. He was at a shelter an hour and a half away for five years. So, he had a rough go. And he was Charlie, but we were like, ‘You know what? He’s a little too regal to be Charlie. We’re going to call him Charles.’”

Crossed paws because he's a gentleman. A classic man, if u will

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They’re not really sure what breed Charles is.

“We actually got a DNA test done on him, which told us nothing because he’s so many things. They’re like, his grandparents are a mix of six things, so they couldn’t even tell what he is. He’s the ultimate mutt. He’s definitely got part wolf in him though.”

And they don’t really know how old he is either.

“They said he was like five when we got him, but I think he was closer to seven or eight. But he’s about that old going on 50. He doesn’t do much moving unless he has to.”

For an old soul, Charles is living the life now.

“He just loves to chill. He’ll just kind of stare, but he stares lovingly. And he gets excited to see you. And he’s missing a bunch of teeth, so his teeth get stuck on his lip, which is hilarious. He does a bunch of really weird things that it’s just fun to watch.”

Charles travels.

"I like this place. Let's stay"

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He’s into fashion.

Charles in his new paperboy hat

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And he’s a fan of the Colts (go figure).

Guess who Charles's favorite team is…

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He may have had a rough start in life, but Charles The Dog is proof that if you hang in there and keep believing, things can turn around when you least expect it.

After years of waiting, Charles not only found a happy home, he helps make it one.