Colts Launch Blue Ladies Fantasy League with Draft Party

They made their way into the Colts conference room, research in hand and ready to draft. They were focused, they were educated, they were serious, and they were women.

“There was nothing different about this draft, other than the cool swag, than being with a group of men. It was just as intense, just as intellectual, everyone knew what they were doing, there was zero difference,” said FanDuel fantasy analyst Brandon Marianne Lee.


The Colts launched the first Blue Ladies Fantasy Football League for members of their female fan club this season. And for a lucky group of ladies, they partnered with FanDuel to host a live draft at the Colts headquarters on Wednesday night.

There was swag.


There were prizes (in the form of wild cards).


There were special guests, including Colts vice president and owner Kalen Irsay, as well as a surprise appearance by head coach Chuck Pagano.


And there was a fabulous trophy, to be awarded to the inaugural Blue Ladies Fantasy League champion.


“I have been in a fantasy league with my high school buddies, this will be our 11th year, and we pride ourselves on having the best in-person draft we can have. And the Blue Ladies draft was honestly the coolest draft I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” said Colts reporter and fantasy football expert Steve Andress.

Along with Lee, Andress offered the ladies occasional expertise. And he also offered them a prediction.


“During the draft, we typed in every pick as it happened and our program spit out at the end who it thought had the best draft and the best chance to win the league.”

The projected winner, Melanie Goldman, says she’s excited. But just like her team, she knows her work has just begun.

“I feel good. But it’s a long season and I’m going to probably have to make trades and look on the waiver wire and make sure and follow up. Just because I’m speculated to win from the draft, you still have to go through the whole season.”

And if you think that sounds familiar, well, it does.

“What’s Coach say? One day at a time, it’s a process. Just like fantasy football. It’s the same way,” Andress said.

Online drafts will be held over the coming weeks for the rest of the Blue Ladies fantasy owners.

The ladies have one goal, to hoist the fantasy trophy at the end of the season.

And then, watch their team hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

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