Players Arrive to Training Camp in Style

The Colts 2015 Training Camp officially kicked off this morning with move-in day starting at 8am. What was the biggest takeaway from all of the media availability? Not contracts, not injuries, not the season opener or week 6.

The biggest newsworthy story of the day was this:

T.Y.’s “I’m here to eat” backpack statement was the talk of the town after his arrival to Anderson University this morning. But this isn’t the first time The Ghost has shown off his backpack swag.


Take a look at some of the other fashion statements seen around campus:


Donte Moncrief decided to take a custom route and design his own bag for training camp.


T.Y’s backpack got a lot of attention but it was his shirt that got us to look twice. It’s no surprise, though, considering his love for Friday the 13th and the Jason masks.


These socks also made quite the commotion today. Can you guess who’s wearing them? (HINT… It’s Boom.)


Zach Kerr wasn’t afraid to share a smile to show off his gold grill this morning. (Football is back… how can you NOT smile?!)


They may not have his face on it, but we definitely didn’t miss 1st round draft pick, Phillip Dorsett’s, sock and shoe game this morning. Blue on blue never looked so good.

We’re going to agree with our guy Adam and give everyone two thumbs up for today’s move-in fashion.

Now let’s ditch it all for some pads and a little more blue and white. What do you say?