Blue Friday Office Party Is Life Full Circle For Ryan Diem

On Friday, the Colts hosted their fourth Blue Friday office party of the season.

“It’s kind of a pride thing where each business goes against other businesses in Indianapolis to show off that they have the most Colts pride,” said Colts marketing assistant Chelsea Durham. “This is our last office party of the regular season and I’m so happy we could celebrate with them because they did an awesome job.”


The business selected, Cloud One, has more than a little Colts pride. They’ve got former Colts backing them, including Dallas Clark, Jeff Saturday, Ryan Lilja, and Jamie Silva, along with primary investor Ryan Diem, who helped launch the company and sits on the board.


But, the former offensive lineman and Super Bowl champion had nothing to do with his company’s selection for the office party. In fact, he didn’t even know they entered.

Durham said they selected Cloud One for their spirited weekly Blue Friday celebrations and without any knowledge of their Colts ties.


Diem said he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“That’s the way I like it. I like to fly under the radar and I’m glad that it shows the true Colts spirit here in this building,” he said. “I was surprised when they told me that this was happening. I was like, ‘Wow. That’s pretty cool!’ and ‘I’ll be there to celebrate.’”

Diem chatted with employees, signed autographs, and had a little reunion – with the Lombardi Trophy.


“That was fun. That was cool. I’ve seen it occasionally over the years, but it’s been almost nine years since I actually got to hold it and carry it around. We got a lot of great pictures today, so I think everyone had a lot of fun with that.”

And it certainly added some bling to their trophy case.


But for Diem, it was also two worlds colliding – his past, which paved the way for his present.

“On a deeper level, without the football thing, this doesn’t happen because there’s no capital to get it started. So yeah, it was kind of coming full circle, I guess.”

Diem says there are some things from the football field that he’s taken into the business world.


“I think the team aspect is so similar. And I’ve spoke about that before, where you’ve got to have the right role players in certain roles. And you’ve got to have the right communication and the right leadership and that’s where it carries over. And that’s where I feel like maybe I had a little something to do with our success here.”

And he probably had a little something to do with their Colts pride as well.


“I hope that I brought some of that to us. But it goes back to the town. This is a great football town now and the fans are always very supportive and I think that’s carried over into our office and everyone gets excited about the Colts and I’m happy to be a part of that.”

In a chance meeting on Friday, Ryan Diem’s past crossed paths with his present.

The Colts gave him an opportunity. He made the most of it. Now, he’s creating opportunities for others.

Ryan Diem is a guy you want on your team.


No matter what team you’re on.

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