Colts Players Go Man To Man In ColtStyle Playoffs

They wowed us on the field all season, making clutch plays at key moments.

It was all about teamwork and coming together as one – one team, one mission, one family.

But there was one place where the Colts players shined on their own. Where they made it about themselves. Where they expressed individuality and set themselves apart.

It was on the runway – of the Indianapolis International Airport. And though it wasn’t a fashion show per se, the players definitely put on a show.


From New York to Miami, every week they arrived in style. Some looks were custom made, others were off the rack, and all were a reflection of the man inside.

We took the players who brought it every week, got them in their best look, and put them up against each other, man to man, in a bracket playoff to determine who has the best ColtStyle.


In the first round, we have the veteran kicker, Adam Vinatieri, and his English gentleman look by Andrew Porter – against the young linebacker, Jonathan Newsome, modern and edgy in custom red and black and relaxed in olive and brown.

They may not award points for style in football, but we do at Colts Roundup. And you, the readers, get to give them out.

First round, who's the best dressed? in Indianapolis Colts Polls on LockerDome

On Wednesday, we’ll give you the results and move on to the next division, where it’s Zach Kerr vs. Vontae Davis.