18 Times Peyton Manning Made You Love Peyton Manning

1. When it was April 18th, 1998 and no one else really cared except for the state of Indiana because football was reborn.


2. When he helped the Colts overcome a 21 point deficit with less than 4 minutes to go to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2003.

3. When you realized you could love Peyton Manning with bangs and not just with a helmet on.

4. When he provided you with AMAZING PIZZA DEALS every Sunday so you didn’t have to watch him play on an empty stomach.
Manning_Papa5. When he would connect with Marvin Harrison and you thought it was just cruel to the opposing secondary. #SorryNotSorry

6. When he would yell OMAHA and goosebumps would pop up on your arm because you knew you were watching one of the greatest to ever play.
Manning_Omaha 7. When he made you laugh on SNL for hitting small children with footballs. #NeverForget


8. When he hoisted the Lombardi Trophy on February 4, 2007.


9. When he made you realize watching Reggie Wayne catch touchdowns was just as fun as watching Harrison do it.


10. When you find yourself humming the Nationwide Jingle every time you eat Chicken Parm.


11. When tossing the ball to Edgerrin James was just as entertaining to watch  as a 60 yard touchdown pass.


12. When he made you realize football really is family.


13. When the world witnessed his dancing moves were sub-par but his NFL career made up for it.


14. When he started the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital and you loved him more than you ever thought you could.


15. When skinny leg Peyton was a thing and made you appreciate normal leg Peyton 10 times more.


16.  When he would take matters into his own hands and run in for a touchdown.


17. When he rode off into the sunset on the highest note possible.


18. When you realize there is only one Peyton Manning.


Thanks for the memories, 18.