Colts And Ashley Give 100 Kids A Hope To Dream – In A New Bed

Everyone knows how important a good night’s sleep is. And moms like Amy Cline know how important it is for kids.

“My kids, they have a bunk bed at home but it’s really raggedy, it squeaks and my daughter, she’s in fifth grade and it wakes her up all night.”

Cline and her family were invited to the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center on Wednesday night for a football camp.


They took pictures, had a dance party with the Colts cheerleaders, and ran through some drills on the practice field with Blue and defensive tackle Henry Anderson.

“Just thought it was a cool opportunity to spend some time with these kids and help them out with some drills and stuff like that. It’s just a great event that Ashley Furniture puts on, so I was happy to be a part of it,” he said.

IMG_6357 (1)

Afterwards, they were taken inside the pavilion for pizza and greeted by 100 new beds lined up, complete with sheets, comforter, pillow, and a gift bag.

“When they walked in here, it was like Christmas morning, for something that most people take for granted,” said Cline. “My daughter, she said, ‘Mom, I love those colors. They knew it.’ And my son, he’s like, ‘This is mine, mom?’ And I’m like, ‘Yes, it’s all yours.’”


It was the second annual event hosted by the Colts and Ashley Furniture HomeStore through their foundation, Hope to Dream, which donates five dollars from every mattress sold to provide beds for kids who don’t have one.

Todd Garten, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Merchandising for Ashley, says they’re just one company and not even the biggest company, but this is where they can make a difference.


“You know what, if these kids are going to have a fighting chance out there, let’s at least get them off to a good start. Have a place to sleep at night, a place to call their own, a safe haven to relax, do their homework, whatever it may be.”

It certainly made a difference to Amy Cline, who couldn’t stop crying. And couldn’t wait to tuck her kids into their own beds for the first time.


“You have no idea. I’m going to wake up throughout the night just to go in there and check on them and see them and take pictures. Just for beds. You see how most people take it for granted?”

It’s not something Cline takes for granted. And it’s not something she’s going to let her kids take for granted either.


“‘Look you guys, now we have to pay it forward,’” she told them. “That’s what I believe in. I believe if someone helps me, I’m going to pay it forward. As much as I can, I’m going to pay it forward.”

And that’s the idea, said Garten.


“We believe that one person can change the world. We see it. You see it all the time. You might not be able to change the entire world yourself, but if you can inspire one person that gets into a place that inspires thousands and creates a movement, then that’s how these things get started.”

It all starts with a dream.


And a good night’s sleep.