Congratulations to ColtStyle Champion Donte Moncrief!

It had all the makings of a great playoff tournament — a competitive field with some upsets, surprises, and trash talking along the way.

After all the pictures were posted, matchups were shared, and votes were counted, it was up to Colts fans to decide.

And the fans have spoken.

bracket (1)

Congratulations to Donte Moncrief! The wide receiver beat out linebacker D’Qwell Jackson as the final bracket winner and first ever champion of the ColtStyle Bracket Challenge.


Good grief, Moncrief! You made quite an impression with your young, modern style. We look forward to seeing what you come up with this season.

There were many fashionable players in the Colts locker room, but only one can call himself the best dressed Colt.

Thanks to all the players for dressing well, sharing your style, and giving us something to look forward to on those away game weeks.

Counting the days until we’re at it again…