Who Did the Colts Draft in the NFL’s DC Comics Mock Draft?

In the spirit of Spring having sprung, the impending NFL Draft and the not too distant Hollywood blockbuster season, the league has released a fun take on the mock draft.

If the 32 teams had the opportunity to pick up a DC Comics hero or villain for their roster, who would they pick?

With the 18th pick in the NFL/DC Mock Draft (following the Atlanta Falcons choice at #17 of Mr. Freeze), they have the Colts selecting Martian Manhunter.

According to the league, the Green Martian is a “a supremely gifted athlete with a high IQ and amazing versatility, making him a perfect fit for Andrew Luck and the Colts offense” with combine stats “more comparable with Superman than any of the other players at his position.”

Sounds pretty good.

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