100th Running of Indy 500 Is Already A Dream Come True For Pat McAfee

“It’s Memorial Day weekend, which is a time to reflect on the greatness of our military from past to present. But it’s the 100th running of the Indy 500 here in Indianapolis,” said Colts punter Pat McAfee. “It’s a big one.”

In more ways than one. The first official sellout in race history, an estimated 350,000 people will be at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday.


And for the first time ever, McAfee has his name (and his charity) on a racecar. Which makes this Indy 500 a dream come true for him already.

“So, we were there for qualifying last week and we actually got a chance to take a qualifying photo and all that stuff. And it was one of the most surreal moments ever.”

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Photo: Instagram/patmcafeeshow

And not just for him. McAfee grew up in Pittsburgh, but he was exposed to racing long before coming to Indianapolis.

“My mom and dad were big time IndyCar fans back in the day. They watched the Indy 500 all the time. For them to be on the bricks there and get a photo, it was so cool. It’s surreal and we’re doing a lot of good stuff, but it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever been a part of.”

And McAfee has been a part of some pretty cool things.

“I kicked off a Super Bowl, so that’s much bigger than anything I’ll probably ever do. Maybe if I have a kid one day, I’ll say that that’s the most important day of my life – because you have to. But kicking off a Super Bowl is probably the biggest thing ever. But the other day, when we took the photo with the car there, that was incredibly awesome and something I’ll remember forever.”


And being that he’s Pat McAfee and patriotism runs deep through his veins, he wants to share his good fortune with those who made it possible for him. McAfee and his Shirts For America will use the publicity to benefit military veterans.

“We’re trying to raise money. I think it’s good to help out. If anyone else was in my position, they would do the same thing I am. I’m just trying to take advantage of it.”


Because that’s the kind of guy he is. And not just on holidays.

“Just like all these days, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day weekend, a day is not enough to thank people. But it’s a great time to celebrate them. And I think Memorial weekend does that each year.”

And if McAfee’s pal, IndyCar driver Conor Daly, wins the Indy 500 in his No. 18 Shirts For America car, it’s safe to say – there will be plenty of celebrating.

Happy Race Day!