One Year Into His Second Career, For Pat McAfee, Comedy Is The Future

It’s only been a year, but Pat McAfee is committed. He’s ready to take the plunge (so to speak)…

Photo: Seth Tackett

Into the world of comedy.

The punter for the Indianapolis Colts kicked off his standup comedy act one year ago with “Pat McAfee Uncaged.”


Since then, he’s sold DVDs, and taken the show on the road. He’s been up and down Interstate 69 with his I-69 tour.

In May, McAfee went to Chicago, where he performed at the Improv Comedy Club, a stage that’s been host to comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and Dave Chappelle.


On Instagram, he called it an incredible opportunity. And left no doubt as to his future plans.

“Kicking footballs will always be my main focus while I’m employed by Mr. Irsay. Because my teammates, my coaches, and all of Colts Nation deserves that. But when I retire, I’m going to really enjoy making millions of people laugh their a**es off. I’m a lucky dude.”

Tonight, Pat McAfee kicks off another sold out three-night show at Morty’s Comedy Joint in Indianapolis, where he’ll raise money for children of military families through his Pat McAfee Foundation while entertaining fans and recording his second DVD.

Asked this spring how he balances football and comedy, McAfee said for him, it’s almost therapy.


“A lot of guys do a lot of things. Some guys play video games, some guys have kids, some guys like to watch TV, movies, Netflix binge, I don’t do any of that. When I go home, I write, kind of hang out with my friends, I laugh, I tell stories, and it’s just kind of my hobby. And it’s become something where I’ve got to do it on stage and it’s a lot of fun, man.”


As the saying goes, “Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

Pat McAfee figured that out a long time ago. Whether on the field or on the stage, he’s always ready to shine.


“I’m very lucky to be doing two things that I’ve always dreamed about doing and I’m enjoying the heck out of both of them.”

Truth be told, luck has little to do with it.

Pat McAfee is a talented guy who works hard at both football and comedy. And that’s why he’s successful.

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If anything, we’re the lucky ones – because we get to watch him entertain us at both.