Colts Arrive At Training Camp With Less Baggage

The Colts players moved into the dorms at Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana this morning. It’s the place they’ll call home for the next few weeks as they continue the process of building a team.


“This is where teams are made is out here in the heat, out here in camp,” says defensive tackle David Parry, returning for his second season.

Many guys show up at training camp with a bunch of stuff, comforts of home, things to make their stay more enjoyable.


David Parry is not one of those guys.

“I kind of want it to feel a little different just so I kind of remind myself, put a little discomfort on myself, know that I’m here for a reason. I’m not here to lounge out.”

Tackle Anthony Castonzo, now going into his sixth training camp, also packed light.


“In the past, I’ve brought a big suitcase and a backpack. And every year I’m like, ‘Why did I bring all this stuff?’ So, I literally just have one tiny bag with five t-shirts, some underwear, and some shorts. That’s about it.”

Quarterback Andrew Luck says that’s really all you need.


“You can wear the same clothes two weeks in a row and no one is going to judge you unless you start smelling. And then, someone tells you, ‘You smell.’”

Wide receiver Quan Bray said the only thing he brought to entertain himself is his iPad, which is also his playbook.


“Just look over the plays because that’s really what we’re doing here,” he says.

In addition to the playbook, there is something all the players brought to training camp – an excitement about the coming season.


“It’s kind of funny, you sit in the office in there and you listen to the guys come in and they’re hooting and hollering and seeing everybody, so that’s a real good sign,” says assistant offensive line coach Joe Gilbert.

But don’t let them fool you, the coaches are just as excited.


Linebackers coach Jim Herrmann is starting his 35th season and he couldn’t wait to get to camp.

“I’ve been chomping at the bit for about five days now,” he says.


Bray says excitement isn’t a problem the first week of camp.

“But we like to see how you’re feeling the second week of camp and see if you’re still hype like that. That’s the difference between championship teams and the teams that don’t make it to where they’re supposed to go,” he says.


It’s a long season. The Colts players and coaches know it. They’re preparing for it. And they’ll be ready for it. This season, they have no intention of going home early.

“It’s the same expectation – the Super Bowl,” says Bray. “Nothing more, nothing less – but the Super Bowl. That’s our main goal and that’s what we’re going to fight for and work for.”


And with a little less baggage and a lot more focus, they know they can get there.