Colts Launch Clothing Line For Blue Ladies

They’re the fiercely loyal, true blue fans of the Indianapolis Colts. They want the world to know it. And now, they’ve got a clothing line to show it.

“The Blue Ladies clothing line came from the ladies themselves. It’s been a couple years and we’ve had a lot of requests to have the shirts where they can represent the Blue Ladies fan club. And so, we finally did it this year,” says Ashley Powell, Marketing Coordinator for the Colts.


On Saturday, Powell invited the Blue Ladies out to the Colts Grille to preview the line, try on the items, and place their orders for the coming season.

“This is the first year for it, so we started small with just a few pieces. I think the women are excited about it,” she says. “That’s one of our new things. Our Tennessee trip is a new thing this year too. So, just trying to keep it fresh every year and hopefully give them what they want and keep them engaged.”


“I absolutely love it. All the apparel is just so soft,” says Jodi Munn. “I want to show it off. I’m proud, this is my first year.”

Deb Withrow has been a season ticket member since 1987, but this is her first season as a member of the Blue Ladies and she too is proud to represent the group.


“People know that you’re passionate about the Colts and what they do and how they work with the community as well. So, I think it’s excellent that they have something like this for the women fans.”

With around 500 members in the Blue Ladies group, the Colts have one of the largest female fan clubs in the NFL.


Linda White has been a member of the Blue Ladies for years. She’s actually lost count of how many it’s been. And she’s brought many women into the group over the years. She says whenever she wears her Blue Ladies shirt, people ask her about it. And she always tells them the same thing.


“That it’s a fantastic women’s fan club. That it’s for women only and it’s those of us that love the sport and that follow it and want to learn more and want to be more of a part of the organization and learn more about the Colts.”

Powell says nobody sells the Blue Ladies group like the ladies themselves.


“The women are already such great ambassadors of the horseshoe, so just giving them the opportunity to really show off their pride with the club itself and the Colts organization is just an added bonus for us.”

Members who couldn’t make Saturday’s preview will still have the opportunity to order online.


“Nobody else has it. It’s just for them to show off their pride,” says Powell. “You can’t get it anywhere else. You can’t buy it in the Pro Shop, you can only buy it from us.”

A special line of fanwear for a special group of fans.

On Sundays they wear Blue.


And also on Mondays, and Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and Thursdays…

To become a member of the Colts Blue Ladies group, go to: