Colts Host Women’s 101 And CBS 4 Makeover Winner

For the second year, the Colts and CBS 4 teamed up to honor a deserving female fan with a day of pampering, shopping, and football.

Leonora Morales was watching CBS 4 when she heard about the Colts 101 contest – and one person popped into her mind – her best friend, Theresa Duncan.

“She is such a great friend,” says Morales. “She’s always doing for other people and I just thought she needed a day for herself.”

So, she nominated her.


Describing her as a huge Colts fan with a huge heart, Morales submitted a letter on Duncan’s behalf, detailing just one of the many things Duncan did for her while her fiancée was in the hospital.

“She even had the comedian George Lopez call me at the hospital to surprise me and to this day I can’t believe I was face timed by George Lopez all because Theresa with her caring heart thought of little old me and wanted to make my day!”

Duncan had no idea her friend nominated her until she was notified by the station.


“I got an email from Katie at CBS and she told me that I had been selected as a final four and that Leonora wrote in this very touching letter about me,” she says. “And I was just very fortunate that I had so many great friends and family members that voted for me to get me here.”

On Tuesday, Duncan and Morales went to the CBS 4 studio where they met up with Meteorologist Lindsay Riley and got their own personal tour of the studio.

Afterwards, they made their way to Tyler Mason Salon.

“They just make you feel so special and so beautiful,” says Duncan. “From there, we went to the Colts Pro Shop at Lucas Oil Stadium and we got to go shopping and pick out some items that we really liked.”

Then, they were ready for some football.

Duncan and Morales arrived at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center for the Colts Women’s 101 class. Before it began, they had a chance to get up close and personal with the Lombardi Trophy.


“That was a miracle,” Duncan says, reflecting on the Colts’ Super Bowl victory. “That was everything our state had hoped for and more.”

They also had a meet and greet with Colts safety Mike Adams and quarterback Scott Tolzien, who did the Chalk Talk portion of the class.


“That was such a nice surprise, to meet him and Scott. And Mike is just so funny, I mean, so very funny. And he’s like, ‘You’re making me excited being here,’” Duncan says.

Adams and Tolzien went over the basics, covering everything from positions to terminology and also took questions from the women.


Then, they moved out to the indoor practice field, where Colts alumni players Rick DeMulling and Bill Brooks took over, pulling up game film and focusing on offensive and defensive formations and plays.


DeMulling says he does it mostly because it’s fun, but also to make football more fun for female fans.


“I really enjoy it. And I just think it’s great,” he says. “Just to see fans in general that don’t know the ins and outs of football that want to get to know it. If you don’t know what’s going on and what you’re looking at – it looks like a jumbled mess. It’s more fun when you know what’s going on and when you can understand it.”


To wrap things up, the ladies headed back inside the pavilion for an officiating presentation by NFL Head Linesman Greg Bradley.


Duncan says she learned a lot and it definitely changed the game for her. And she can’t wait to come back for the Women’s 201 class on November 15th.

“It’s been the most amazing day. It’s like being Cinderella, but a huge Colts fan’s dream come true,” she says.


For Duncan, football is family. The Colts are a huge part of her family and they always have been.

“My dad is in heaven and that was our tradition,” she says. “And it’s my tradition with my family now. Every Sunday, this is what we do. Or Monday nights or Thursday nights, whenever the Colts are on, it doesn’t matter. We plan our lives around the Colts games and we cheer loud and proud.”


And this week, she can cheer them on with a little more knowledge.

To sign up for the Colts Women’s 201 class, go to: