ColtStyle Week Two: For The Shoe(s)

The Colts players traveled to Denver last week, giving us our first peek at their runway fashion this season.

And there was one guy who really stepped up and stole the show.


“That’s my first time seeing T.Y. in a suit,” says cornerback Vontae Davis. “He looks different, man. He looks like all the money he’s worth now.”

“Sharp, man. That’s growth right there,” says cornerback Darius Butler. “He looks like 65 million bucks. That’s the best way to explain it.”

“Porter hooked it up, man,” says Hilton, referring to Indianapolis-based custom clothier Andrew Porter. “That’s a great look. I told him I’m very thankful for that.”


Porter has several Colts players among his clientele, including Adam Vinatieri and Donte Moncrief. This is the first suit he’s done for the Colts’ star wide receiver. But it’s not the last.

“I’ve got a couple more coming,” says Hilton.

And how about those Christian Louboutin shoes?


“My eyes, they got blinded by the shoes,” jokes wide receiver Phillip Dorsett.

“Everybody was loving the shoes,” says Hilton. “The Loubs. I was trying to be on my Michael Jackson.”

Obviously, I’m a fan of the shoes (see my Twitter background photo).

We can’t wait to see what The Ghost has up his sleeve for the rest of the season.

Tight end Erik Swoope also had some fancy footwork on the runway. And his could potentially blind someone.

“It’s a skull that actually glows in the dark. So if I shine a flashlight over it, they’ll be totally green,” he says.


Sadly, the airport runway did not provide the perfect conditions to show off his glow-in-the-dark shoes, designed by Del Toro out of Miami.


“I had stumbled across them in the NBA Draft because they make shoes all the way up to a size 22,” says Swoope. “They’re a little high fashion brand and their company started with slip-ons. So, I’ve got a couple pairs of shoes from them.”

And here’s safety T.J. Green doing his rookie duties in a beautiful custom designed suit by Jhoanna Alba.


Green accessorized his look with the team’s lunch.

“That’s actually chicken and fish,” he laughs.

“That’s just mean,” I tell him.

“It’s all part of it,” he says.

Alba also designs suits for his always fashionable teammate, Kendall Langford. But that’s not how he found her.


“She actually found me,” says Green. “She did my suit before the draft. So, I just continued to work with her. I’ve got a couple more coming in.”

And we look forward to seeing them – food or no food.

Safety Matthias Farley was also in a custom suit. Only his was designed for him after the NFL Draft.


“A guy named Ge Wang, he’s one of my best friends. He’s got a custom clothing line called ESQ Clothing, it’s in Chicago,” he says. “He made it for me because he was proud of me for getting picked up by the Cardinals.”

The silk lining is a picture of him running out of the tunnel at Notre Dame.


“I wasn’t drafted. I was a free agent. So he surprised me with it, actually,” says Farley. “He said, ‘I sent you a package.’ And I was like, ‘What are you talking about?’ I was in the hotel in Arizona and I went down there and I thought he was going to send me a t-shirt or something because they make long t-shirts and I always wear long t-shirts. And I opened it up, he sent me the shirt too, the shoes. It was a sweet deal.”

From a very sweet friend.

And then there’s kicker Adam Vinatieri.

We always know what to expect from him. But that doesn’t make it any less impressive when he’s consistently right on the money – on the field and on the runway.


Vinatieri’s custom navy Andrew Porter jacket with white buttons is classy and understated – just like him.

Though his focus is on the home game against the San Diego Chargers this week – with London calling, Vinatieri is starting to think about packing for the his next business trip.

“I’ve got three new suits and three new sport coats. I’ve got a lot of nice looks, but I don’t know if I want to do a seven and a half hour flight in anything uncomfortable. Not that they’re uncomfortable, but if (Coach Pagano) lets us get away with sweats, I’m wearing sweats.”

I bet he’s got a really stylish tracksuit in his closet.

Whether they’re in suits or sweats, we know the Colts will be smashing for week four – when they head overseas to London to face the Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley Stadium.


Until then, cheerio…