Blue Ladies Travel to Nashville and Cheer Colts to Victory

It was still dark outside when they loaded the bus at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center on Sunday morning.

The sun rose somewhere over Kentucky.


And by the time they arrived in Nashville, it was the perfect day for a football game.

“Perfect weather, perfect day, not too far, everything was great,” said Colts marketing coordinator Ashley Powell.


It was a sea of blue streaming into Nissan Stadium as the Blue Ladies arrived for the Colts game against the Tennessee Titans. It was the first away game trip for the female fan club of the Indianapolis Colts and it was a huge success.


“The women are super passionate, so it was kind of a fun way to get them together, take them out of the state of Indiana, and take them on the road to cheer on the Colts. It was a great first trip. This was the first year to do it and it was a full bus,” said Powell. “Next year, we might look into doing a couple buses since it was such a hit.”

Approximately 50 ladies (and a few brave men) made the four and a half hour trip. Linda White was one of them. A longtime member of the Blue Ladies, she was excited to share the experience with her sister, Sheri Wilson.


“Because I love my Blue Ladies and I love my Colts. But also, I’ve never been down here. It’s so close and I’ve never been down to this stadium and it was an amazing trip. This was awesome,” she said.

And so was the outcome.


“The Colts won! That’s the best part of it. Yay, Colts!”

What could be more fun than jumping on a bus with your girlfriends and taking a road trip to see your team play?

For these ladies – nothing.


“Everybody is a true fan,” said White. “They are true followers and they love the Colts and we love supporting our boys in blue. We’re like a big sisterhood supporting our boys in blue.”

And unlike the Colts home games, they all got to sit together.


“It was so fun to have everybody in a group like we were. They were loud, they were awesome, they were so much fun,” Powell said.

The Colts needed a win. And sending in the Blue Ladies proved to be just what they needed. And they’re ready and waiting for their next opportunity.


“I think we need to go on a lot more away trips because I think we brought them all good luck,” White said.


In the meantime, they’ll be loud and proud at Lucas Oil Stadium when the Colts play the Chiefs on Sunday.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Blue Ladies, go to: