Colts Fan and Her Football Family Featured by NFL Films

“My ‘football family’ isn’t some extravagant story that consists of a significant number of people… but it is a family of some of the most faithful football fans you will ever find.” -Stacy Kuebler

Growing up in French Lick Indiana, Marty Quinn was more a fan of players than teams – Ken Stabler, Walter Payton, Herschel Walker, Warren Moon.


But when the Colts came to Indianapolis, all that changed.

“It was like I’d been adopted,” he says. “I had a family now. I had a team of my own.”

He also had a family of his own – his wife, Sharon, and two daughters. His oldest daughter, Stacy, took an interest in the game early on.


“I’d be sitting in the living room, she was probably five,” he says. “On Sundays, she’d be with me, right beside me. She’d ask me, ‘Dad, what are you watching?’ I’d say, ‘Well, I’m watching football.’”

“I can’t remember a game day that my dad wasn’t kicked back in his recliner, staying positive and faithful in his Colts and that they were gonna pull off a win, even if they had a huge deficit to come back from….”

When Stacy grew up, she started taking Marty to games.


“She managed to get me seats right in the corner for the Texans game last year. I was sitting the second row up,” he says. “And only a daughter that loves the game and loves her dad would do something like that. And she did it. She’d go out of her way to get me up here some way or another.”

And she did it again this fall.


The NFL asked fans in cities hosting Thanksgiving Day games to tell them about their football families.

“I almost passed this one by because I was in a big hurry and I didn’t think I would have time to adequately answer what they were wanting to know,” she says. “Like my son says, ‘Just wing it, mom.’ So, I just wrote from the heart.”

More like, she poured out her heart.


“I have been fortunate enough to ‘inherit’ his passion and love for the game and more specifically, for Colts football….”

In October, Stacy was contacted by the Colts. They told her she was one of the finalists in the football families contest and invited her and Marty to Lucas Oil Stadium for a private tour accompanied by NFL Films.


While in the Colts locker room, she heard a familiar voice. Before she even turned around, she knew it belonged to Colts tight end Dwayne Allen.

“Our shared love and passion for the game brings about a bond that people who don’t love the game will never understand.”


“He recited back my quote that I wrote,” she says. “He probably knows it better than I do because I just wrote it coming straight from the heart – if I said it again, I’d probably have different words. But I think that it meant a lot to him about football bonding people.”


“The words that she expressed just talking about her love and passion for the game, you could really feel that,” says Allen. “That wasn’t just something that she was writing to win a competition. She really wanted to show how she felt, how much football meant to her family – and she did.”

And in doing so, she won tickets to bring her family to Lucas Oil Stadium to watch the Colts play the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thanksgiving night.


Prior to the start of the game, Stacy and Marty met up with Allen on the sideline. She gave him a shirt she had made for him and in exchange, he presented her and Marty with autographed jerseys.


At halftime, Stacy, Marty, her fiancée, Jeremiah, her son, Jacob, her mom, Sharon, and her friend, Brooke, were introduced on the field.


They watched the feature NFL Films produced on their football family as it played in the stadium and aired on NBC’s broadcast.

“Greatest day ever,” said Marty. “All because of my little girl.”


“All because of him,” said Stacy. “He’s what started my love for the game.”

Football is family.


Fathers and daughters, mothers and sons – it’s a bond that brings people together.


And on Thanksgiving night, Stacy and Marty shared their football family bond with the world.

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