ColtStyle Week 9: Green Bay

The Colts traveled to Green Bay before the bye week. But instead of facing the dreaded frozen tundra, they were headed for sunshine and balmy November temperatures.

Defensive tackle Arthur Jones dressed the part, going bright green in a custom jacket by his suit guy, Dave.


“I feel like playing in Green Bay, it was appropriate for the color – money green,” he says. “That’s my Masters jacket.”

Cornerback Vontae Davis also went green in a Topman jacket, Givenchy pants, and topped it off with a wine colored hat.


“I just put together some stuff I had,” he says. “I just liked the contrast.”

Punter Pat McAfee was styling in a custom black jacket with pink pockets and lining.


“This jacket I created a few years ago,” he says. “You’ve got a little pink in there. There’s actually checkers if you look close, because of Indianapolis, you know. It was actually created for a Snake Pit Ball a couple years ago.”

For McAfee, comfort is key. And so is flexibility.


“The grey t-shirt was a late addition because the dress shirt I was going to wear, something happened in the dry cleaning. It kind of became business cas – jacket is business, t-shirt is casual. I was pretty excited the way it came together. The black boots, kind of Johnny Cash with the black pants.”

He may prefer casual – but he cleans up well.

Tight end Dwayne Allen also leans casual in a fashionable way – with a jacket and tie, untucked shirt, jeans, and black boots.


“More casual than business,” he says. “But that’s me.”

Allen claims he’s not a big brand guy and that the Louis Vuitton tote bag is more an exception than the norm.

“It’s a nice travel bag.”


Safety T.J. Green went business casual in a shiny custom blue suit by Jhoanna Alba – paired with a Patagonia baseball hat.


“It was different. I just wanted to try it out,” he says. “I like the way it looked. Country boy in a suit.”

Center Ryan Kelly also went country boy, rocking a pair of cowboy boots with his business attire.


But these aren’t just any cowboy boots.

“I had a bet with our former center (William Vlachos), he was the center my freshman year (at Alabama), that if I won the Rimington Trophy that he would buy me a pair of boots when we played in Dallas.”

He did. And Vlachos kept his word.

They’re not Kelly’s only pair of cowboy boots. But they are his favorite pair.

“Those are the ostrich skin, so I only wear them with a suit.”

Linebacker Akeem Ayers arrived in Indianapolis with just the shirt on his back – and a few extra things.

“I came here and I wasn’t sure if I was going to stay or not,” he says. “I came with just this duffle bag right here. So, I put what I could in there and I’m like, ‘I might go home after this visit.’ And I ended up staying. So, I had to go to the mall and piece something together real quick.”


And he did a nice job.

“I went to Nordstrom. They were able to tailor there because usually based off our body type, you can’t just go get a regular suit that fits.”

It was unintentional, but his Christian Louboutin high tops brought some street vibe to his business look.

“You can make it work. A lot of guys do it. But when I feel like I’m in suit mode, I want to be fully in suit mode.”

He was finally able to go home over the bye week and get the rest of his clothes. And now, he can plan out his look from head to toe.

Cornerback Darius Butler isn’t afraid to try new trends.

In cargo pants and a sweater from Sonador Boutique, he added a pair of suede booties for a super hip look.


“They were a last minute addition. I got them from Saks. I was on the borderline about wearing booties, but I said I’d give it a shot. I’m glad it came out well.”

As I told him, not every guy in the locker room can pull off booties.


“I’m glad I’m one of them,” he laughed.

Nose tackle Zach Kerr also went out on a limb in a suit coat, skinny black jeans from True Religion, a Gucci belt, Gucci backpack, and a tail!


“It took me a minute to actually get comfortable with it,” he says.

But like anything, confidence is the key.


“You’ve got to have some confidence, you’ve got to know what you’re doing when you rock the tail.”

And he rocked it like he was born with it.

But the guy who really stole the show in Green Bay was born with a tail.


“It was a timeout and the squirrel ran onto the field and the crowd went crazy,” says Colts photographer Matt Bowen. “So, as you do when you’re photographing a football game – you see a squirrel, you start taking pictures of the squirrel.”


He also got the scoop on the squirrel.


“The police officer next to me and the security said, ‘That’s Lambeau Squirrel.’ He resides there and he eats peanuts and stuff after the games. But the way they made it sound, it happens quite frequently. They weren’t surprised.”


There’s no place like home.


And the Colts return home to Lucas Oil Stadium to play the Tennessee Titans on Sunday.

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