Colts Players on Christmas Traditions

Christmas is a time to gather with loved ones and celebrate. On Christmas Day, Colts players reflect on some of their favorite holiday traditions.

Arthur Jones (DT): “Every year, we dress up. This year is going to be Pokemon. We were Batman last year. We let our kids pick it out and that’s what they want to go with this year. Everyone will get Pokemon pajamas with Pokemon clickies or something like that.”

Edwin Jackson (LB): “Back home we’re a very musical family, so around Christmas time everybody is home and I either jump on the piano or the saxophone, my brothers jump on the drums, my dad always plays the saxophone or the clarinet and we all just chime in. My other brother makes beats on the table and we all just come together and sing a song. It’s not a Christmas song at all, we just make it up.”

Denzelle Good (T/G): “My family always does a Christmas Eve party and it’s usually pretty big – family, friends, anyone that’s close to us. We eat, drink, dance, play card games, all that good stuff. It’s kind of like two New Year’s Eve parties, that’s how we treat it.”

Jack Mewhort (T/G): “Making a snowman, sledding. Not having to go to school was the best part of it. But Ryan (Kelly) was telling me earlier that he always built gingerbread houses growing up. I don’t know if he would want me to tell you that, but he was a big gingerbread house guy.”

Ryan Kelly (C): “(Laughs) Shoveling the driveway with my dad. As much as you hated doing it, it always felt good to come inside and be warm. My mom would have hot chocolate. Now, when it gets snowy outside, I just want to drink coffee and hang out on the couch for eight hours and not move, watch movies all day.”

David Parry (DT): “Every Christmas, my family usually eats crab. I think it’s part of the Samoan side, part of the things that we’ve always done since I was a kid. We used to fly out to California, see our family, and eat a whole bunch of crab. So, I’m going to bring that tradition to Indianapolis. I did last year, my girlfriend and I had a bunch of crab and had a couple of the dudes over on the team.”

Scott Tolzien (QB): “My early recollections were at my grandparents’ houses in Illinois opening gifts with my cousins. It was shoving as many people as you could into a tiny little house and that intimate setting is pretty cool when you think back on it.”

Adam Vinatieri (K): “A tradition I’m not sure I loved, but I like it more now than back then – we used to always do mass on Christmas Eve and then we would be required to do an hour of Christmas lights, we’d drive around and look at all the Christmas lights. We hated it because on Christmas Eve, we’d open gifts from each other and Santa Claus would come and you’d open those on Christmas morning. So, we’d never get to open the gifts from each other until we got home from the lights. We’d complain and my dad would add 10 minutes on. And then we’d complain again and he’d add 10 more minutes.”

The wait is over. Merry Christmas, Colts fans!

Many blessings to you and yours.