The Sports World Reacts to Robert Mathis’ Retirement

On Friday, Colts linebacker Robert Mathis announced his retirement after 14 seasons in the NFL.

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And pretty much everyone had something to say about it.

I remember reading @rmathis_the1st twitter info a few years back.. it read "I am Too (small (235 lbs), dumb (3.4 gpa), slow (4.5 forty), short (6'), etc. etc.".. it reminded me that long before Robert was a household name, he was a 5th round pick from a small school, and told that he had no chance.. If they could fix the scouting reports now, the only thing it would say is that he is an incredible teammate, who works his ass off literally every single day.. People didn't give Robert a chance early in his career, because there is no one like Robert Mathis. They could've never guessed that Robert would be TOO damn good to care about measurements.. but I/all of Colts Nation reaped the benefits of the critics being absolutely wrong.. Congrats big bro.. go enjoy life man

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Thank you, Robert, for being the true definition of grit. For defining what it means to be a horseshoe guy. And for inspiring us with your life and your career. We know you’ll find new ways to make an impact off the field and we’ll continue to cheer you on.