Anthony Castonzo in La La Land

Colts tackle Anthony Castonzo is in Hollywood this week. But he’s not there for the Oscars and you probably won’t see him on the red carpet.

Castonzo is doing an externship through the NFL Players Association working with a company called Whalerock Industries. They design websites, apps, and interactive media for the entertainment world.

“I’m actually working with the engineering department, the people who actually code the apps and the websites and I’m almost doing a three-week crash course. I’m basically learning three different coding languages each week,” he told’s Caroline Cann.

Spending time in Los Angeles also means getting to spend some family time with his brother who lives there.

“It was a combination of a bunch of stuff. I’ve always loved L.A. I’ve spent some time visiting him and I’ve always loved the area. I had recently peaked an interest in coding and the exact thing the internship is about. And getting to have a three-week little stay where I get to see my brother whenever I want is a great added perk,” he said. “All those things together has made for a great experience so far.”

And being a self-described foodie, it’s also allowing him to experience California cuisine.

“I tell you what, they have so many great healthy lunch options here. And they’re all within a five-minute walk of where I’m working. It’s definitely been a bit of a food cornucopia for me.”

But he hasn’t gone full Hollywood – yet.

“The idea of juicing, I haven’t quite got into juices,” he laughed.

He did have a celebrity sighting though. Well, sort of.

“I had seen a dog in the office last week. I came home and I’m like, ‘Oh my God. I saw the cutest little dog in the office.’ It was this little black, furry dog. The next day, the guys were like, ‘Hey, did you see Zendaya out there?’ I’m like, ‘No way. She was here?’ They’re like, ‘Yeah, she was the one with the dog yesterday.’ I’m like, ‘Oh my God. I saw the dog, but I did not notice her. That is terrible.’”

Along with being a foodie, Castonzo is also a dog lover.

So, how does his own pooch, Charles, feel about his human checking out celebrity dogs in Hollywood?

It’s hard to tell.

But I’m going to say he’s unimpressed.

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