Blue Spreads The Love For Valentine’s Day

It’s Friday morning and Colts mascot Blue is walking the halls of Indianapolis’ Sycamore School. He pops into Joanna Jockish’s third grade classroom.

“Oh, look who’s here!” she exclaims.

But her students don’t need a heads-up. A seven-foot-tall blue horse is pretty tough to miss.

Jockish’s brother has been a season ticket member since the Colts arrived in Indianapolis and Joanna has been attending games with him ever since.

“We’re just a big sports family,” she says. “We love them. We love the Pacers and the Colts both.”

Jockish won a visit from Blue as part of a Valentine’s Day contest through the Colts Blue Ladies group.

“I had to print out the heart graphic and it said, ‘Colts + Me =’ and then I put, ‘31 seasons and going strong.’ I thought we just celebrated the 30th anniversary last year.”

It’s actually 32 years, but who’s counting?

Blue presented her with flowers, chocolates, and a gift card to Tyler Mason Salon, along with a copy of his book, Blue’s Road Trip Through Indiana.

Before leaving, he signed autographs for the kids.

“I wanted to share it with all my students,” Jockish said. “They’re really great kids. I have a great group of students here.

A few stops later, Blue finds himself in an office building. It’s the home of Knowledge Services and he’s hiding out in the lobby while the receptionist calls Amy Zimmermann to the front desk.

When she arrives, she finds out her husband, Paul, sent Blue to deliver Valentine’s wishes and goodies.

“Very sweet. This is very surprising. I had no idea what was going on,” she says. “This is awesome. Who doesn’t love the Colts?”

In the meantime, word has traveled that Blue is in the building. The lobby is filling up with employees – and Blue takes time to entertain them with his antics, hugs, and group selfies.

And on the way out – he raids the office candy jar.

“A total treat for everyone,” says Zimmermann’s boss, Julie Bielawski.

And probably the least productive 15 minutes of the week.

“This is what we work for, right?” she says. “To have some fun.”

And that they did.

Blue’s next stop is Fall Creek Junior High, where he makes a grand entrance.

“Oh, my goodness gracious,” exclaims one of the staff members.

Regina Klink arranged the visit for students in their Focus program.

Klink wanted to do something special for the kids and nothing says love like a giant goofy blue horse.

“What? What? What is going on?” exclaims Megan Greene as Blue marches into her fourth grade classroom at Northwood Elementary in Franklin.

It’s a Valentine’s gift from her mother.

“Her real name is Cinderella,” says Greene. “She is amazing. Her name fits her very well because she is a Cinderella in my life.”

From a mother’s greeting to her daughter to a daughter’s greeting to her mother (she tossed her cane to hug Blue)…

And from sweetheart to sweetheart…

No one spreads the love like Blue.

He puts the team on his back, wears the heart of the horseshoe on his sleeve…

And leaves a lasting legacy of love wherever he goes.