Colts Players Show Some Love on Valentine’s Day

It was February 14th and love was in the air.

Yesterday, Valentine’s Day, is a day that some love and that some love to hate.ย  We have a few Colts in both of these categories, but for the most part – the holiday response from your favorite players was overwhelmingly endearing.

Many took to social media to tell the world just how much they care about their honeys, and some of the captions will absolutely warm your heart.

Our beloved long snapper, Matty O, spent Valentine’s Day just like any other bachelor would – researching future wedding venues and spending time with man’s best friend:

Cheap dates

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T.J. Green gave a special shout-out to someone(thing) that means a lot to him:

For the rest of the Colts crew, the affection was overflowing.ย  Prepare for the inevitable, “Awww!”

Happy Valentine’s Day to my best friend. Your beauty is only matched by your goofiness ๐Ÿ˜˜ I love you

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No matter how you spent your Valentine’s Day, we hope it was phenomenal. <3