Meet The Girls Who Want To Sparkle For The Shoe: Abby

Abby comes from Danville, Illinois, just across the Indiana border. Still, when it came to picking a football team – it wasn’t a hard decision for her.

“My dad lives in Crawfordsville, so my whole family is Indiana,” she says.

Now a sophomore at Ball State, she’s studying elementary education and is on track to graduate a year early.

“I didn’t plan it. I just went and talked to my counselor one day and he was like, ‘You know that you’re killing yourself with 18 credits, right?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, really?’ But I just love kids so much, so being in the classroom with them – it’s not that stressful for me.”

She’s also a titleholder (Miss East Central) with the Miss America Organization.

“I’m a local titleholder, so I will go to compete for Miss Illinois in June. My platform is Mentoring Matters, so I do a lot with children’s organizations and mentoring organizations – so, I do that every single week.”

It’s one of the things that drew her to the Colts Cheerleaders.

“They do the mentoring program with Junior Cheer. And that just kind of furthers my passion of working with children and dance.”

Abby says she definitely sees some crossover between the Miss America and the Colts Cheerleaders.

“I think the characteristics of what a Colts cheerleader and the characteristics of what a Miss America Organization titleholder should be kind of overlap. Because they want someone who’s approachable and good with children and kind of the girl you want to be friends with or you want your daughter to be friends with.”

She’s been dancing since she was three years old, but something happened when Abby was in fourth grade that taught her never to take anything for granted.

“I woke up one morning and couldn’t feel my arms or legs. I was ten years old,” she says. “They told my mom, ‘She may never walk again.’ It was crazy for me to have that thrown before me and realize I may never dance again. So when I was better, it was just something that I didn’t take for granted and I wanted to continue doing.”

And that’s what she’s hoping to do as a Colts cheerleader.

“For me, it’s just kind of an outlet and a passion of mine and something I hope I can do forever.”

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