Meet The Girls Who Want To Sparkle For The Shoe: Anne

Anne was born north of Chicago and grew up in Zionsville, Indiana. She tried out for the Colts Cheerleaders for the first time last year.

“Made it to finals, had a great time, made a lot of friends, grew a lot from the experience and I just realized that I needed to continue to grow individually and try new things,” she says. “I tried to diversify myself this last year and I did a bikini competition and I joined a salsa group. I expanded my repertoire and I’m back again this year.”

What she gained from that experience should serve her well – in auditions and in life.

“Feeling uncomfortable and knowing that that’s a good feeling in order to grow in the future. And being able to put myself out there so that way when I’m doing something new and I’m not confident in it, that allows me to grow and learn from others and be more humble in those types of environments.”

Anne grew up doing ballet and was on the dance team at Butler. She says the thing she found most challenging during auditions last year was the solo performance.

“I’ve never been a girl that did dance competitions and did solos on my own. So, that was a little bit out of my comfort zone, doing a solo. So, I think I’m going to do some salsa this year. I’ve got my salsa shoes and I’ll do some ballroom.”

A middle school math teacher in Carmel, she started a dance team at the two previous schools she taught at.

“Some girls knew that I had danced at Butler and they asked me to start a dance team. So, there was that interest and I was able to bring in some of the girls from Butler that I still knew to choreograph with them and have some other girls influence them besides just me.”

And that’s the motivation for her to become a Colts cheerleader.

“I want to be able to continue to influence more of the community, especially those younger girls through the Junior Cheer program. I’ve got my kids at school, but through the Colts, I’d be able to reach more of our young girls within Indy and have an influence.”

Anne broadened her own horizons and she’s hoping to have the opportunity to help other girls do the same.

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