Meet The Girls Who Want To Sparkle For The Shoe: Bailey

Bailey grew up dancing with Purdue University as her backdrop.

“I grew up in West Lafayette and I have danced since I was two and competitively since I was five – so, a long time. I danced at a studio and for my middle school and high school dance team growing up. And then made my way to Purdue, which is only 10 minutes down the road.”

Now, she dances at Purdue.

“I’m a senior studying organizational leadership and Spanish and I’m a captain of the Goldusters dance team there, which is part of the Purdue All-American Marching Band.”

For Bailey, most of her life has happened in one place. But all that is about to change.

“I’m in the interview process for a company downtown Indianapolis,” she says. “I’m hoping to continue my dance career here with the Colts. I have a couple of previous teammates on the team and it’s a great direction for post graduation.”

Producing cheerleaders past and a present, the Purdue Goldusters dance team is a great feeder program for the Colts Cheerleaders.

“We do a lot of the same things. Obviously, a little bit of a different style, but we are ambassadors of the university, kind of like how cheerleaders are ambassadors of the Colts,” Bailey says.

There are, of course, a few differences.

“We want to perform for an audience, but ours is much more focused on technique and here, it’s more about entertaining the audience – not really showing so much technical elements, but just really getting the crowd involved in the game and getting the energy up.”

Her former teammates give her some familiar faces to turn to during the audition process.

“Definitely a little less intimidating, it eases the nerves a little bit. And they give you a little bit of extra help outside. If I have any questions, I shoot them a text. I’m probably annoying them, I send them ten texts a day asking different questions on uniforms or parts of the routine from the week before – whatever I can get my hands on.”

Trying to land her first job and a position with the Colts Cheerleaders is a lot to manage. But Bailey knows life doesn’t get less busy from here.

“I still have my dance team going on and obviously, I’m a fulltime student. Trying to find a job and these prep clinics and the auditions and everything in between, it’s a lot – but it’s definitely going to prepare me for my life and career.”

And if she makes the squad, she knows she’ll have all the support she needs to handle whatever life throws her next.

“I like to say my dance team is always 16 of my best friends. So, being 26 girls, having 25 best friends right out of college is more than anyone could ask for and it’s a great transition out of college.”

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