Meet The Girls Who Want To Sparkle For The Shoe: Carrie

Carrie grew up in Columbus, Indiana. She’s a junior at Indiana University studying public relations and advertising.

Auditioning for the Colts Cheerleaders puts her on the other side of a marketing campaign.

“Being on the back side of it and working with brands and thinking, ‘How do I communicate our brand’s core principals in ways like this?’ And then to be on this side of it, trying to be in that spot, it’s really interesting,” she says. “This is kind of, no pun intended, but the boots on the ground of PR. At a very micro level, they’re representatives of the organization – so, they’re kind of that face and that brand.”

She’s used to working behind the scenes in PR, but on game day she’s used to being front and center.

“I grew up cheerleading my entire life. And I just love game day. I get butterflies even talking about it. Just the experience of being in front of thousands of fans and leading a crowd, you can’t put it into words.”

She hung up her pom-poms after her freshman year of college at Northeastern University. After transferring to IU, she’s still a cheerleader – just not on the field.

“On the weekends, I work at David’s Bridal,” she says. “I spend my weekends playing dress up and making women’s dreams come true. It’s so much fun. It’s like the light of my life.”

And she finds it just as rewarding.

“Every single day, I get to make someone so happy. On the weekends, I only wear waterproof mascara because I cry happy tears at work so much. I mean, how many people get to say that about their job? That you get to go to work every day and cry happy tears?”

It’s not always easy. But that’s where the cheerleader in her comes in.

“Probably the most challenging part of my job is helping each girl love themselves. I have a rule in my appointments. Up front I tell them, ‘You’re not allowed to say anything bad about your body.’ No ‘my arms are fat’ and stuff like that. You can tell me, ‘I would like maybe a cap sleeve or some more coverage on the tummy,’ but no bad adjectives.”

As much as game day lures her back to cheer, so does having a team of strong women around her.

“It’s just such an incredible experience being so close with a group of women and everyone just lifts each other up. That’s what I do most of the time when I’m working, so I’m excited for the opportunity to maybe take that to the next level and have a squad of 25 other women that I can just bring up.”

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