Meet The Girls Who Want To Sparkle For The Shoe: Lori

For Lori, Indiana has always been home.

“I’m originally from Franklin, south of Greenwood. And then I went to Ball State and moved to Carmel.”

And dancing has always been her passion.

“I danced for a professional company all throughout high school. I did a couple of showcases at Ball State, but with nursing it didn’t allow a whole lot of time to do those extracurricular activities.”

These days, she’s still pretty busy.

“I am a nurse at Riley Hospital and also Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital. I do both. I do organ transplants and neurosurgery at Riley and then I do general pediatrics at Peyton Manning.”

She says it’s the human spirit of the kids that drew her in. They are her why. And they keep her going.

“You go to work every day hoping that you change someone’s life or you save a life or you make a difference. And by the time you leave your shift, you realize that your patients are the ones who are changing your life and making an impact on your life.”

Over the years, Lori has also been inspired by the Colts Cheerleaders.

“They’re role models,” she says. “Without even knowing them, you can admire them – you want to be them, you want to know them. They’re out in the community and you want to be a part of that.”

It’s something she wants bad enough that she’s auditioned twice – making finals both times – and now, she’s back for the third time.

“Growing up, you always want something more. As a dancer, you always want to be more. And you never want to stop dancing. As you get older, it’s really hard to find those opportunities,” she says.

“Seeing the cheerleaders do the games and being at the games and seeing it live, it just ignites this fire and once you feel that fire – you know that’s what you’re meant to do.”

Just as the kids are her why for nursing, it’s her passion for dance that keeps her coming back season after season.

“I’ve always been one to live out my dreams and never give up and always have hope. Having that in the back of my head and my heart gets me through everything. If it’s truly my passion, I’m going to keep doing it,” she says.

Chasing her dream, she’s made some great relationships.

“I’m friends with so many girls just through the audition process. And whether we make it or not, we still stay friends. It’s such a great experience. And you really have nothing to lose by going through the process.”

A dancer wants to dance.

And Lori doesn’t just want to dance – she wants to sparkle for the shoe.

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