Meet The Girls Who Want To Sparkle For The Shoe: Rachel

Rachel grew up on the south side of Indianapolis and started dancing when she was young.

“My mom just thought we should give it a whirl and I went and it changed my life,” she says. “I started with ballet in first grade and after that it kind of grew, so it was ballet and tap, and it was ballet, tap, and jazz. And it was ballet, tap, jazz, pointe. And then the next thing you know, you’re in gymnastics and everything else.”

She went to Ball State for nursing and pre-med and didn’t have much time in her schedule to dance, but she did find a way to stay involved and give back.

“I got involved in a nonprofit organization called Dance Marathon where I fundraised for Riley Hospital for Children. So, that was kind of my outlet of I didn’t completely give it up, but I was doing it for a cause and it was for children. It was kind of a happy medium of all of it.”

Today, she’s a nurse working in plastic and oral maxillofacial surgery at Riley Hospital for Children.

“I’m one of those behind the scenes people, so they don’t necessarily know who I am, but knowing that I was a small part of making them who they are again or making them confident or making the world see them as beautiful as I see them – because it’s hard to be different in this world.”

She also loves the idea of working with the Junior Cheerleaders – to plant seeds of confidence in them and watch them blossom.

“I love how it represents inclusivity and how it lets girls that are different grow up knowing that you are special and that is perfect. You are exactly as you were made to be,” she says. “I’m just an advocate for that and I would love to be a role model for young women and making them comfortable in who they are and growing them because it’s a short life and life is your greatest gift and I just want them to know.”

After building her professional life, Rachel realized something was missing from the rest of her life and it was time to come home – to dance.

“My everyday life is behind the scenes and that’s great, I love that. But I want to be a face that a child can come to and be a role model. I miss being involved in an organization,” she says.

“I miss contributing actively to something and giving a piece of me to it. I miss a sisterhood and I miss representing something – and what better representation of Indianapolis than the greatest organization we have for the best team and with the greatest women – and they’re ambitious and they’re driven and they want to be the wind beneath your wings and lift you higher.”

Rachel found what she was looking for. Now, she hopes the Colts Cheerleaders will find what they’re looking for – in her.

“This is genuine and it’s rare that you can find that in the world. And I just want to be a part of it.”

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