Q&A: 4 Simple Ways to Have Your Colts Questions Answered

We know you have questions, and it just so happens that we have answers.

There are a multitude of outlets available for Colts fans to have all of their questions, speculations, and predictions addressed – and we’re here to lead you in the right direction.

1.) First up is the Colts Mailbag:

By completing the simple form linked below, your question will be submitted to a pool of inquiries – a.k.a. the “mailbag.”  Colts expert and writer Kevin Bowen sifts through them, selects a handful of the best, and answers them thoroughly in a detailed Q&A article featured weekly on Colts.com.

Recently, the mailbag has been deemed “an off-season pleasure,” because let’s be honest: the off-season is stressful for football fans – we need to know things.

Submit your mailbag questions here.


2.) If you’re more of an audio type of person, the Call-in Mailbag is your outlet of choice:

By calling (317)-762-8587, you will be prompted by Colts radio broadcaster and sideline reporter Matt Taylor to leave your question after the tone. In order to hear your answer, listen to the Colts Official podcast on Colts.com or iTunes.

3.) Sometimes you don’t need the experts.  Sometimes, you just need a quick convo with other members of #ColtsNation. If you have those tendencies, lucky for you – we have a forum for that.

Simply enough, all you need to do is visit forums.colts.com and Sign Up for a Forum Credit Union Colts Forum account. From there, you can begin to contribute to forums regarding Colts football, the NFL, and really – football in general.

4.) Last but certainly not least, social media is a wonderful outlet to get all of the necessary Colts information.  Read the feeds, but if you need a question answered – you can ask away.

If you don’t already, follow @Colts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Once you’ve done that – when it comes to the Colts? You won’t miss a beat.