Jack Mewhort Makes National Media Debut – Talks New Season With Old Teammates

On Friday night, Colts guard Jack Mewhort stood on the practice field at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center with a microphone in his hand and a camera in front of him. And if you didn’t know better, you’d think he was a reporter for NFL Network.

The Colts hosted the 5th annual Chuckstrong Tailgate Gala and Mewhort provided live updates for NFL Network, interviewing Coach Pagano and his teammates live on national television – a first for him.

“Doing the NFL Network stuff is pretty cool – also, pretty nerve wracking,” he said. “I’ve done some big things in front of a lot of people playing football, but that was just a little bit different knowing that it’s all on you, you’re there by yourself talking in front of a camera.”

Just days before, Mewhort was at the podium in the Colts media room fielding questions from reporters himself – which he said is a totally different dynamic.

“I feel like I know you guys. That’s a touch different than seeing the bright lights and hearing it in your ear.”

But on Friday, he looked every bit the part of a seasoned journalist, cracking jokes with tight end Jack Doyle.

“I haven’t got much feedback, so I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing – but we’ll see,” he said. “I’m sure I’ll have people texting me and my friends calling me and critiquing me.”

All in all, he said it was a great experience.

“It was fun. I’m really appreciative they asked me to do it. It was experience under my belt and if they ask me to do it again, I’ll happily say yes.”

Usually, the biggest performance of Mewhort’s offseason (and one of the highlights of mine) is his Karaoke performance on the annual Buckeye Cruise.

“It got cancelled this year,” he said. “The Karaoke machine broke the last night of the cruise. Everyone was in the auditorium. I was ready to go. And we went in there and they cancelled the Karaoke.”

After growing up in Ohio and playing for Ohio State, being a Buckeye is a huge part of who Mewhort is.

“I spent five years of my life there. I gave a lot to them. They’ve done a lot for me. And the relationships I made in college are ones that I’ll have for a lifetime.”

And he feels fortunate to have a few more Buckeyes in the locker room this season with the Colts signing outside linebacker John Simon and defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins in the offseason.

“It’s not just Buckeyes, guys that were there before or after me – it’s guys that I played a majority of my career with. They’re my friends and now they’re my teammates again – so, I’m really excited,” he said. “They’re great players, tough guys, good locker room guys, so I’m excited that they’re here.”

He missed it this year, but Mewhort usually attends the spring football game – which at Ohio State, attracts more than 100,000 people.

“The Buckeyes know how to get the fans out,” he said.

And they like to keep the alumni coming back – something he tries to do as often as he can.

“Just to be part of something like that,” he said. “Coach Meyer, he kind of pulled me aside (last spring) and he was like, ‘This is what we built. We did this together.’”

From the Horseshoe to the horseshoe.

Jack Mewhort is looking forward to taking the relationships he built playing in the Horseshoe at Ohio State and using them to win a championship for the horsehoe in Indianapolis.