Langford And Bethea Host Grand Opening For 2nd Juice Bar

Kendall Langford had his sights set on being a business owner early on.

“When I first came into the NFL, I wanted to franchise right away. But my financial advisor and my agent were like, ‘Just get into the league. Learn to be a pro first. And then go into a business venture.’”

It was good advice. Now a 10-year veteran of the NFL, the Colts defensive end teamed up former Colts safety Antoine Bethea to open a Juice Bar in Carmel last fall.

On Saturday, they held a grand opening at their second location in Indianapolis.

“The plan is to continue to grow and grow and as we expand, see how many we can handle. I think we’ll do well with it,” Langford said. “We knew this location, right across from the Fashion Mall, was a prime location with everything that goes on in this area. So, we feel really good about it. We like our Carmel location (off Main Street) as well.”

Just like football, running a franchise is a team game. Their business partners, Matt and Dee Brereton, allow them to keep their hands in the business while keeping their heads in the game.

“We have a great team. Antoine and I obviously can’t do the day to day things, but that’s why we have Matt and Dee, who do a great job,” Langford said. “We have a cheerleader as our general manager, Mariah, she does a great job for us. We like her energy, what she brings to the table from an artsy background. And we have an amazing young staff.”

A former Colts cheerleader herself, when searching for a general manager, Dee said she was looking for a cheerleader mentality.

“I understand the dedication, the hard work that goes into it, you have to be a very disciplined person, you’re typically an outgoing person, a fun person, all things that make up a good manager and kind of reflect what we do at Juice Bar – have fun and be amazing.”

For Mariah, it was a perfect fit.

“Our motto is, ‘Have fun. Be amazing.’ And I feel I definitely try to embody that in my own life. It’s a great place to work and I love my staff and I love just getting to be in the community for health,” she said. “It’s promoting feeding your body the right kind of food. It definitely is in line with what I’ve been doing with the Colts and how funny that Kendall and Antoine have ownership. And then Dee is a former cheerleader, so it’s definitely staying in the family.”

A part of the Colts family for eight years, Bethea spent three seasons in San Francisco and is now in Arizona. But, he said, Indianapolis has always been special to him.

“This is like a second home to me,” he said. “Moving here when I was 21 years old, the city was great to me, welcomed me with open arms with the community service I did when I was here. I always will call Indy a place like home. And for me to come back and be able to have hands in the community still, it feels great.”

Through Juice Bar, Langford and Bethea hope to give all Hoosiers the opportunity to feel great.

“You eat it, you feel good about yourself, versus eating and thinking, ‘Oh, I shouldn’t have eaten that. Why did I eat that?’” said Langford. “The option is definitely there and I hope people continue to take advantage of it.”

They now have one more location to do that – and, said Dee, more on the way.

“Now, we’re onto number three. To be determined.”