Tradition, Tailgates, and Tutus! An Inside Look at Colts Home Opener Fashion

Written by: Mary Kate K.
Photo credit: Sable D.

Colts fans from near and far came out in full force last weekend, dressed in their Sunday best – if you’re talking about Colts attire, of course! Fellow Colts Cheerleader Sable and I took to the streets before the big game to get a taste of how fans were preparing for the home opener and, perhaps more importantly, what they were wearing. As cheerleaders, we have a beautiful, iconic uniform that we are privileged to wear every game day. It is recognized across the country and even around the world. As it turns out, many fans have game day uniforms too, whether that be a traditional Colts jersey, fun blue and white accessories, or iconic boots of their own! As we walked around, it quickly became clear that attire is only one part of the game day fun. We learned about traditions, tailgates, and just how far our fans will go to support their team. We were so impressed by what we saw on our little adventure that we had to share it with you!

It’s no surprise that, for many fans, Colts games are a family affair. This particular family was gathered outside of the stadium and we couldn’t help but notice their Colts pride! They told us that they come to just about every game decked out in Colts gear – a Sunday tradition.

This became a common theme as we walked around and talked to fans. Colts football is about family. It’s about tradition. And when there’s stylish Colts apparel involved, well, everyone wins!

Similarly, Mia was hanging out with her family at their tailgate waiting for the stadium to open. She almost didn’t wear these boots today, but sure was glad she did once she saw us. “Actually, this morning, I pulled on a pair of tennis shoes, and I decided to change when I saw these boots.”

She noticed that her boots looked a lot like ours! She also let us know that she would be helping us cheer on the boys in blue during the game. A cheerleader in the making? Only time will tell!

This father daughter duo traveled all the way from Pennsylvania to attend the home opener. Talk about dedication! What made running into this pair even more special was that while Todd has attended countless Colts games, this was Carson’s first Colts home game ever! “I used to live here and she was born here, but then we moved away. She watches all the games with me on TV but this is her first Colts game.” It is always a treat to introduce a newcomer to the magic of Lucas Oil Stadium. They were off to a great start hanging out at Touchdown Town!

And then there was Randy. Let’s just say that he was an easy target when scouting out fashionable fans. He told us about his spray paint and stencil routine for his beard and mustache, which he does for every game. “Beard first, mustache second.” Good to know.

When asked how long he’s been going to Colts games, he responded, “Look at these! (Pointing to all of his ticket stubs, which he has laminated and turned into a necklace.) I’ve been a season ticket holder since the Colts have been here.” We’ll let you do the math on that one.

We also ran into Kristi, a Blue Lady and part of the True Blue Horseshoe Crew. We were drawn to her because of her chaps, which are a part of our game day uniform, and hers too! We soon found out that she made her chaps on her own, which is a huge feat! Kristi and her fun-loving friends come out for every game, just like so many other dedicated fans we talked to.

When she turned around, we noticed that she had a beautiful tattoo on her back with a horseshoe in the center of it. “Well, first it says faith, which is more important to me than anything. Second is family, and then my friends, and then my football. So football is that important that is has to be a permanent fixture on my body. And that horseshoe means a lot.”

These were constant themes throughout our little adventure – faith, family, and friends, and the football that brings them all together.

With game time quickly approaching, we noticed Jill because of her fabulous blue and white accessories. It was clear that she was making a Colts fashion statement! She was hosting a tailgate with her husband when we caught up with her. “I have a jersey for every game – you know, a pink jersey for the game in October and all that. And we cook to the theme. Like for New England, we usually do seafood.”

The home opener was a time for families and friends to come together to support something they can all get behind – their Indianapolis Colts.

Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us, Colts fans! We’ll see you next time!

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